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  • Triggers in Relationships

    A Guide for working through triggers One common challenge many couples face is dealing with triggers – those intense emotional reactions that stem from past experiences and can affect the way we interact with our partners. Triggers are emotional responses that are often linked to past experiences, traumas, or unresolved issues. They can manifest as…

  • Attachment Styles

    In relationships where partners have different attachment styles, tensions can arise between the need for closeness and the desire for independence. For instance, when one partner leans towards anxious-preoccupied attachment and the other towards dismissive-avoidant attachment, conflicts often stem from mismatched needs and communication styles. The anxious partner may seek reassurance and closeness, triggering the…

  • Understanding Jealousy

    Understanding Jealousy

    Jealousy is complex, but debunking myths can help navigate it. It’s not uncontrollable; rather, it’s rooted in our perceptions. Nor is it unavoidable; often stemming from a need for control. Understanding inner narratives and utilizing techniques like inner child work and imagery can aid in addressing jealousy, fostering healthier relationships.

  • Navigating open relationships

    Navigating open relationships

    While “Polysecure” provides valuable insights into attachment styles and their role in open relationships, it’s essential to delve deeper into the motivations behind seeking openness. Understanding these hidden motives, such as addressing insecurities or escaping entrenched relationship patterns, allows for more meaningful dialogue and informed decisions. By embracing flexibility, honesty, and compromise, couples can navigate…